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Did you know that if you have a portfolio of $1,000,000 at retirement, Social Security would make up half of your income during retirement? So, it’s only natural to want to get the most out of Social Security.

Unfortunately, it can be incredibly difficult to navigate the Social Security system as there are tens of thousands of ways to collect Social Security and changes to the code all the time. How will you know what the best way to collect your Social Security income is? Because everyone's situation is different, you need a strategy that fits your unique needs.

Here are some common claiming strategies that could help you maximize what you get from Social Security:

  • Delaying your Social Security to maximize payments 
  • Collecting spousal income—even if you are divorced
  • Collecting Social Security while your spouse continues to work

We will work with you to help you optimize your Social Security claiming strategy so that you can maximize your income.

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